Maxim is the new promoter of the Enduro European Championship for seasons 2022-2023-2024

FIM Europe and Maxim are pleased to announce the new agreement for the promotion of the Enduro European Championship for the seasons 2022-2023-2024.


Maxim is a company founded in 2010 to support Axiver in the management of the Enduro Italian Championship, whose promoter was Tony Mori for 22 seasons, from 2000 to 2021. In these two decades the Italian Championship has grown considerably, becoming in recent years a reference point for riders, teams, bike manufacturers and fans. In fact, many riders of the EnduroGP regularly took part to the Italian rounds.



Year after year, Maxim has introduced several news, both in terms of structures and materials, and in communication too, increasing investments in the website and social media.

Maxim is ready to bring its national experience to the European field, preparing the young enduro riders for the step to the World Championship. That’s the path embarked by many talents and World Champions as Brad Freeman, Steve Holcombe and Andrea Verona.

Already in the past Maxim has been promoter of the Enduro European Championship and Snowmobiling for almost a decade.


Martin De Graaff, FIM Europe President

“A few weeks ago, we have signed the contract at the FIM Europe office in Fiumicino with Maxim, the new promoter of the European Championship Enduro. Tony Mori showed us the plans for the coming and next seasons. This contract for the first three years is important for the growth and improvement. On the 2022 calendar there are four events in different regions of Europe: we expect a very positive influence for riders and organizers, to make use the ideas of this very experienced promoter”.


Tony Mori, Maxim

„We are very enthusiastic about this new adventure. We are ready to bring our experience in the European Championship after 22 years of great satisfaction with the promotion of the Enduro Italian Championship. Thank you to FIM Europe for trusting us: we are already working to define all the facilities and services available to each organizer and riders. We have many projects for the growth of the championship, which we believe is an important step for the growth of the next world champions“.


Picture reference:  Martin De Graaff, FIM Europe President and Tony Mori, Maxim